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Neverwinter Shows Creation Process For Port Nyanzaru

Video games can be beautiful things, but what people sometimes forget is that the worlds they inhabit in these games are painstakingly brought to life by many people. There are whole groups of people dedicated to not only making the art of the world, but then making sure it looks good in world both appearances wise, and interaction wise. I.E. a person not being able to walk through a wall. It’s a long process. The team at Neverwinter have decided to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Port Nyanzaru to show you that process.

The blog that shows this off is narrated by lead environmental artist Nate Herzog, who was in charge of making the port. They started with the team determining what they felt the port should look like, and how it should compare to some of the other places in Neverwinter. Initially, they felt that the best way to go would be to make it a small port, one that felt like a side area of a city.


So they started crafted some of that, and made it feel just like they had envisioned. They did some thorough testing, including dropping in dinosaur NPCs. We’re not kidding. They realized then that the port felt too small. So, they began the process of not only making it bigger, but making it feel more alive.

This was a process in and of itself, as they not only had to expand, but fill it with items, colors, and opportunities to ensure that their decision felt right. Herzog noted that it took weeks of detail and art work to get the product to where it is, and that was after a lot of work just to figure out what to do with it. Be sure to check out Port Nyanzaru for yourself when it goes live with the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation update.


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