Neverwinter bringing Guild Alliances to Xbox One

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The free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter continues to add updated content to its universe, this time introducing The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances for Xbox One players on August 11th. Focusing on Guilds and Strongholds, dwellers of the Dungeons and Dragons game will now be able to form alliances to battle together. In an attempt to balance the scales between those with higher memberships and smaller guilds, the latter can join groups to organise events easier amongst themselves and ultimately strengthen their own strongholds.

As well as these improvements to current content, the latest Guild update will also add Sword Coast Chronicles into the mix. This will place campaigns in ascending order according to the difficulty of each one. This is particularly important for those with post-level 70 characters, as the game will assume you have earned the necessary gear to progress through the end game quests.


Developed by Cryptic Studios, the fantasy online role-playing game released on Xbox One in 2015. Based in the Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter, the D&D based game sees chaos ensue throughout the land as factions form for control whilst battling against the risen dead. Players can choose from a selection of character classes in the story-driven MMO, with their own background origins to give a unique feel to each gamers own experience. Whilst maintaining the core principles of the genre, newcomers to the style of game will also appreciate the consistent narrative throughout, leaning towards the likes of Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age compared to other MMORPGs.

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