Neverwinter Releases Newest Patch Notes

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Patches are an essential part of the MMORPG cycle. More than any other game, patches are vital to the game’s upkeep, and as such, companies like to provide as many details as possible about the patches that they do so players don’t get caught off guard by the changes. Sometimes the changes are small, and many times patches fix things that are broken. Other times they’re a perfect outlet to get things added. Either way, they help the game. Such is the case with the MMORPG Neverwinter, which has just gotten a new patch.

Arc Games went into heavy detail with this patch, and it includes a variety of updates. For example, on the Soshenstar River, a bug has been fixed that made Spli-ti unsummonable. Oh, and if you’re a fan of the tyrannosaur that roams the area, the game has not only added a new path for you to follow for them, they’re also going to spawn more frequently now.

They also fixed a bug in the Tomb of the Nine Gods where players couldn’t progress past the Avatar of Orcus battle. In addition, they altered the cutscenes so that if you trigger a trap, you’ll see your avatar pay the price.

Moving onto Hunts, Neverwinter will now allow players a chance to get trophies for simply battling a rare monster, not caring about how much damage you actually did to the creature. Heroic Encounters have been altered when it comes to getting the T-Rex Fang, the item will go directly to your inventory after getting one, or not show up at all if you can’t earn one.

Finally, several animations have been fixed in Neverwinter, including ones for characters, enemies, bosses, and more. Be sure to check out the full patch notes to see what else has been adjusted or fixed.

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