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Neverwinter – The Cloaked Ascendancy Arrives On PS4

Consoles and MMORPGs don’t always work well together, but when they do, players usually respond to it and try to enjoy the experience the best they can. For Neverwinter, they’ve brought their most recent expansion, The Cloaked Ascendancy, to the PS4, and Sony was so excited for this that they let the dev team talk about what you can expect from this on the PlayStation Blog. The team also revealed some exclusives you can only get on PS4 via PS Plus.

The story of The Cloaked Ascendancy is very interesting. You see, a group of wizards are trying to overthrow Lord Neverember. And you have to stop them by any means necessary while also discovering the past of the group to figure out why they’re doing this at all. This expansion includes not only the new campaign, but also a brand new zone to explore, a new redone dungeon in the Spellplague Caverns Dungeons, and a slew of new rewards to acquire.

As noted above, PS Plus members will get some really cool gear for Neverwinter- The Cloaked Ascendancy. Players who are part of the service will get a free Mulhorand weapon. This weapon is good for those wanting a “boost in power.” Be warned though, this will only be free until May 12th, so don’t dawdle in picking it up.

The other cool thing about this expansion is that there are four sets of legendary weapons that you can get in the forms of Mirage, Lifeforged, Fey, and Aboleth. And each one is tailored towards a different role in combat. Add that to a new mount, an artifact that can summon a monster from the Far Realm, some new companion gear, and more, and you get an expansion that is full of content. So, will you be getting Neverwinter – The Cloaked Ascendency on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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