NECROPOLIS: Quick Overview

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Procedural dungeon-delving and perma-death in an action-adventure with a weird and unique art style? NECROPOLIS is all that, so go alone or with up to 3 friends and visit a magical deathtrap that reconstructs itself each time you play.

Necropolis has a really fun concept, but the game itself didn’t quite deliver.


9 levels are in the game and every one of them is long and full of enemies. So what’s the problem then? Well, the enemy variety is slim since most foes are just variations and recolors with slightly different movesets. They get really boring really fast once you’re used to them. The levels aren’t much better, as they share a fair number of tiles with each other. The game also has no map. Maybe id doesn’t even need it since the levels feel so massive, but navigating will become hard after a while.

The game isn’t all bad, as you do have variety in the weapons, lots of characters to pick from, and overall a lot of content to play with if you’re into this sort of thing. Full controller support is available and overall combat feels smooth, albeit a bit slow-paced. The game still offers new content a few hours in, and the announcer that taunts you on death is something that cracks you up every time. The humor and aesthetic of this game go hand to hand to  create a unique atmosphere, so if you’re a fan of these sort of things go check the game out!

Link to the game’s Steam page.

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