NECROPOLIS: Brutal Edition Released

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If you don’t already know, NECROPOLIS is that 3D action rogue-like with really simple, yet captivating graphics, chaotic humor, and an easy drop-in/drop-out 4-person co-op multiplayer that makes the game a whole lot easier.


So, what’s up with this Brutal Edition release? Well, Studio Head Mitch Gitelman went over to Steam Forums and said:

“Now that we’re past the rollercoaster week of releasing NECROPOLIS, we want to let you know what’s next. As with everything we make, the Harebrained Schemes team has scoured the player responses and critic reviews to begin the process of turning your feedback into an action plan for supporting and improving the game. We deeply appreciate all of the constructive comments we received and the thought that went into them. We know we have work to do and we’re committed to making NECROPOLIS live up to its potential”

The game received mixed reviews on launch, so they are probably working on ironing out any bugs that are left in the game and polishing up some mechanics that were clunky and unsatisfying.


The Brutal Edition of NECROPOLIS is bringing the following:

  • A formidable new playable character, the Brute!
  • A completely new wintery outdoor biome to explore, the Black Forest
  • Over 50 additional procedural environment modules that expand existing gameplay
  • Deadly new enemies, spawning, and AI behaviors
  • New Loot! Weapons, armor sets, magic scrolls, potions, and more
  • Revised weapon and magical codex descriptions that expose more game functionality
  • A large assortment of game balance adjustments and polish in single-player and co-op modes


What do you think, is this enough to fix the problems that plagued the game at the start? We don’t know, but you can always buy the game and find out!

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