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NCSoft Working on a New MMORPG “A2”

According to Korean sources, the game developer giant NCSoft is apparently working on a new MMORPG that goes under the name A2. Let’s look take a look at the details available.

Korean news site The Fact reports that A2 is being developed by a so-called Seed unit (separated departments). NCSoft is an active member of the MMORPG industry, running major titles such as Aion, Blade & Soul and the Lineage series. The A2 project currently seems to be a PC MMORPG in development.

What seem quite exciting, is that the game might just be linked to Aion. Does this perhaps mean that we will soon get to see an Aion 2? It might, as Aion’s playerbase has been dreaming about a sequel for a long time, especially because some aspects of the MMORPG are slightly outdated and the engine is not perfectly optimized. Another question also arises. NCSoft is not exactly known for pushing out games at a fast rate, judging by how long it took for them to localize Blade & Soul for western regions. Does this mean that we will have to wait years to get to see A2 become reality?

Aion still has a decent playerbase and constant updates are released with new content. If A2 is indeed linked to Aion, then it will be interesting to see whether the original storyline is continued. The Fact reports, “NCsoft is developing ‘A2’ as a PC online game in a market where mobile games are showing strong growth.” This is quite a valid statement, if we look at how many MMORPGs are now receiving mobile game spin-offs, like ArcheAge, Icarus and Devilian.

We are really excited about the A2 project, and truly hope that NCSoft will reveal more about the A2 project soon. We will strive to bring you more on the matter, once an announcement is made. Please also keep in mind that the details presented above are according to our translation attempts from Korean.

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  1. I dont care how beautiful or how the story line going to be epic or the graphic

    All i fucking care about is , if gonna support low end pc so my friends / anyone can play and if its the same target system as aion no matter how far you’re you still getting direct hit! im not gonna spend shit on this kind of games !

    Nate river on January 5 | Reply
  2. Nobody cares about your low end PC buddies. Get a job and buy a new PC and problem solved. Otherwise go play solitaire.

    But back to the topic, early-mid Aion was great in terms of PVP. Here is a list of suggestions ncsoft needs to consider.

    (1) Removal of godstones, (2) Balance classes for PVP, (3) Reduce the level of mind numbing grind, (4) Reduce the dependency of RNG when it comes to enchanting, (5) Make end game PVP gear more easily obtainable through PVP like early Aion 1.5 – 2.5 days and not so dependent on PVE…


    Ryan on January 5 | Reply
  3. No more low end gaming pc supports… its 2017 even latest low end gpus are capable of doing great in gaming so come on NCSoft AION 2 epicness… I still remember Aion from beta days. It was great game from begining….

    Maddy MoMo on January 6 | Reply
  4. Hmmm.. yea you right Ryan the Aion 1.5-2.5 is more fun than now..

    Landiex on January 6 | Reply
  5. Disagree with the pvp armor being easy to obtain, why would you want it all to be so easy Ryan? If you don’t want to put time into the game, you should play solitaire. Aion was absolutely amazing. The idea of Asmo vs Elyos needs to remain, with DDG and abyss points. Also personalisation through the means of stigmas was another great idea. Please oh please be Aion 2″”.

    bobsaggit on January 30 | Reply
  6. Ryan you’re point of veiw is laughable. Godestones were not the problem, they were pretty fun and actualy gave you a chace to kill sorcerer/cleric/sm with a Templar/Gladiator. Balance classes for PvP ? Aion was a blast in PvP and I never had as much fun as in Aion. Sure the flight PvP sucked with meele classes but that was it, If you had any issues with PvP outside abbys than the problem were with your skills. Ye I somewhat agree with RNG on enchants thats a good point but not game changing. Make end game PvP gear easy to archive and you dont want to grind ? than go and play mindcraft becouse an MMO is abaut grinding, and someone who puts in 10x the time and effort into the game should have an edge ower someone who play’s 5-10 hours a week.
    Aion is and will be forever the number 1 MMORPG for me, It just died out after 4.7 for me, the time and PvP in Gelkmaros – Ishlagen and fortresser were a blast tho. Can’t wait for it.

    Pryscilla on February 24 | Reply
  7. Aion was a fantastic game right upto 2.1 when the abyss was relevant and the PvP was simply spectacular and new from then PvP became an outpost hugging PoS and from what I have heard from other PvP is now at the point of who fkn cares lol

    If they make an Aion2 with cast whilst move, attack whilst move, non rooting skillsets for all classes, hmm let me put this another way, use TERA/BDO combat with an updated aion twist on graphics, have a REAL abyss again and stop trying to cater to uer casual or suprt fkn tryhards then you gonna have a REAL game that people will flock too

    as I said upto 2.1 I doubt there has been a better mmo in so far as open pvp, just learn from the mistakes made after this point 🙂

    RO…LOL!!! on March 7 | Reply
  8. The first year of Aion was amazing. If they could pull of something like that I’m sure people will flock to the game. Without any doubts the best MMORPG by far, until they managed to ruin it that is. I would pay anything to get a game like that again!

    AJ on July 5 | Reply