In a recent interview with Korean website Inven, director and producer Naoki Yoshida talked about the future of PvP for the MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV and the possibility of it becoming an e-sport.

PvP is a must-have in most online games. Its lack can be the sole reason a large amount of potential players won’t even a try a game. Some titles such as PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 are so careful with the implementation of PvP that it takes them years to do so, while others, much like FINAL FANTASY XIV, have it available from the start. Released in patch 2.1 of A Realm Reborn, FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s PvP have received constantly support with additions and changes, many of which follow user feedback.


That’s not to say the mode isn’t flawed. Dedicated players can easily list what’s lacking in Eorzean PvP, from balance to crucial changes and disappointing rewards. Led by director and producer Naoki Yoshida, the development team is constantly trying their best to introduce new content whilst addressing the concerns and complaints of the community. In an interview with Korean website Inven, Yoshida talked about the future of PvP going into Stormblood (the game’s next expansion) and the desire of bringing FINAL FANTASY XIV into the e-sports scene.

When asked whether there were any updates regarding the idea of FFXIV becoming an e-sport, Yoshida answered “We’re actually right in the middle of having discussions with sponsors.” He said that the development team have a lot of things to consider before they can start an official league, such as the fact that players would have to go through PvE in order to gear up, having too many skills available, and the need for a spectator mode (addressed in patch 3.4).

In addition to that, the director was asked about the possibility of a World Championship PvP Tournament. “[…] is definitely in our minds and to go forward with that we need to have a tournament to decide the champions of each country.” He said. “With 4.0, the feedback we received will be applied to PvP content and the changes will include a variety of advice we got from people within the e-sports community (in general, not just FFXIV) […]”

The community doesn’t seem as thrilled with the idea of FINAL FANTASY XIV breaking into the e-sports scene, as they note the mode is flawed as it is and it would require a special focus to keep up with competitors. Reddit user Raziao mentions that “the place was almost a ghost town with half the seats empty” in reference to the PvP showcase at the North American FFXIV Fan Festival. “If it already can’t draw much of an audience at its own festival I would imagine it would be an uphill battle to get it to ‘esportsdom’.”

One of our editors playing a PvP match.

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why Square Enix’s leading MMORPG wouldn’t thrive in the e-sports market. Let us know in the comments below what you think of FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s PvP, what could change, and how it would fare as an e-sport.


  1. The PvP in FFXIV is trash for a multitude of reasons not including the couple stated in this article, and honestly, all the people I play with would rather they concentrate on their strong suit then waste development time and money on this mode that no one really gives a damn about. Kinda like diadem.

    The Garo event resurrected PvP for about a month, if only because it was a fast source of catch-up gear and a handful of mounts, but not because anyone actually cares about FFXIV PvP. Even with freelancer mode, queues are back up and games only have 24 people vs 72 on one of the most, If not THE most populated servers because

    The gameplay is too slow and classes too unbalanced to be even remotely interesting to watch. I wish someone would set YoshiP straight on this.


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