Insidia Showcases Naima, The Silent Seeker

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by Dante

Insidia is a rather interesting title that mixes tactical turn-based combat with MOBA elements. The game is praised by its community for being quick, interesting, and actually having a tactical degree to it, where planning and important snap decisions often win games. Today we will be showing Naima, a champion from the game and her abilities that can be seen in the Champion Spotlight, which you can watch below.

As you can tell from the character design, Naima is a long-range assassin that specializes in taking down enemies from afar while remaining safe and far from harm’s way. Like most types of these characters, Naima offers skills that help her in long-range assassinations and others are made to stop enemies from getting a bit too close to her.

Let’s start things off with her Passive, which is called Overwatch. This Passive lets her shoot at her closest foe, which makes it easy for her to pick off any melee characters that try to dash towards her. Her Active Ability is called Energy Mine, and as you can guess from the name of this skill, it puts down a mine that your opponents will try to avoid. But, this isn’t just your regular explosive mine, no, this one will Stun and Root the first enemy that steps on it, allowing you to quickly take that one unlucky foe out. Finally, we have her Ultimate, which is called Snipe. Snipe lets Naima take aim and then shoot a deadly projectile at her target, which is a great way to finish off someone with low HP.


That’s all for Naima, but if you want to know more about the game, you should visit Insidia on Steam.

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