NA LCS Week 7: Wins for C9 and TL, Pirean Back to P1

After the beginning of Week 7 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split, Cloud9 is looking much more like their old selves. Jungler Contractz even got the...
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After the beginning of Week 7 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split, Cloud9 is looking much more like their old selves. Jungler Contractz even got the chance to break out Kayn, and proved that at least his Rhaast form can be quite useful on the Rift. Meanwhile, Team Liquid took down Team EnVyUs in a 2-1 victory, with Baron steals flying all over the place. And in roster news, Pirean has ditched Team EnVyUs, after seemingly playing second string to Nisqy in the mid lane, and returned to his old home at Phoenix1.

Cloud9 and Team Liquid Pick Up Much Needed Wins

Both teams really needed a win, but for different reasons. Cloud9 found themselves stagnating in the middle of the pack, with their teamwork disjointed and each player dealing with their own struggles. But yesterday was completely different. Contractz has clearly put in the time on Kayn, and was able to ravage Phoenix1 through the jungle and into team fights by taking his tankier, sustain form Rhaast. P1 would ban it away in Game 2 and take the win, but the Shadow Reaper would make it through again in Game 3.

Of course, it wasn’t just through the work of Contractz on the tricky new champion that lead Cloud9 to victory. Impact returned to fighting form, after a very lackluster split. And although Cho’Gath is super hot right now, P1 got him in each game but failed to totally take advantage of it.

That honor would come later in the day, and for Team EnVy’s jungler LirA in Game 2. He went 6/0/9 in that game, and that Cho’Gath was huge. But that would be the only game that Team EnVy would be able to take off Team Liquid. TL stopped the rotating roster, at least for one day, playing their classic 5 starters (Lourlo, Reignover, GoldenGlue, Piglet, and Matt) in all three games. And the team actually looked pretty good, with Lourlo taking trades during ganks, Reignover playing the map, and Piglet favoring the high DPS of Tristana in each game.

Pirean Heads Back to Phoenix1

Also yesterday, in an announcement released via their Twitter, Pirean left Team EnVy in favor of returning to Phoenix1. P1 also announced some organizational changes. After an impressive performance at Rift Rivals against the European teams, the team has struggled to gain traction back home in NA. They now sit at a match tie with Team Liquid for last place, at 3-10.

The NA LCS returns today with more action, starting with Counter Logic Gaming against Echo Fox, and Team SoloMid’s rematch against Team Dignitas. When they met earlier in the split, Dig was able to get the better of the Spring Split champions. Will they do it again?

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