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NA LCS Summer Split Week 4: What to Watch

Week 4 of the NA LCS Summer Split 2017 starts tomorrow, with many of the top teams in the standings facing off against each other. With 10 bo5 matches, who has time to watch it all?

Day 1 – Friday

Friday has just two lonely matchups, with Immortals against Counter Logic Gaming, and Echo Fox against Phoenix1. While it might be interesting to see if P1 can actually win a game now that they’ve had some time to play with their new jungler MikeYeung, CLG vs. IMT is the main event of this day. Both teams sit at the top of the leader boards with 5-1 records. And, as mentioned in the most recent This or That (with Kobe and Jatt), this will be the battle to decide who got the better end of the trade with junglers Dardoch and Xmithie.

So catch IMT face off against CLG to see which team can rise above the other. And if P1 manages to beat Echo Fox, it’ll be worth checking out a VOD.

Day 2 – Saturday

Given the current NA LCS standings, it might be that the most important match up of Day 2 is Immortals against fellow 5-1 leader Team Dignitas. While Immortals gave up their 1 match to a surging Team EnVyUs, Dig lost to the flailing Team Liquid. The inconsistency of Team Dignitas, perhaps due to their ability to only play around top laner Ssumday, seems poised to ruin their ranking before the split is up. Immortals could be the catalyst that sets their fall in motion.

Team SoloMid should be able to dispatch FlyQuest, and Cloud9 shouldn’t struggle too much against Team Liquid. TL just picked up Inori, who recently left P1, because, well, who knows? The jungle was the only position Liquid didn’t seem to be having problems with. Games where they have looked hopeful or even when they’ve won have been focused heavily around savvy veteran Reignover.

But the other match up of Day 2, Team EnVyUs against Counter Logic Gaming, could get interesting. Probably CLG will take the series, but NV has shown glimmers of brilliance this split. If the bot lane duo can keep things under control, and the mechanically talened Koreans across the rest of the map can make plays, it could be an interesting series. NV currently sits at an even 3-3, just technicalities behind Echo Fox and Cloud9.

Day 3 – Sunday

Unfortunately, Week 4 of the NA LCS doesn’t seem to have saved the best for last. If TSM doesn’t beat Echo Fox, they’ll have some explaining to do. Team Liquid against Phoenix1 will be an epic battle for last place in the current standings. It’ll be worth watching to see if Cloud9 can gain some more traction after their poor start against Team Dignitas, or if Dig can continue the momentum they’ve built and shut the perennial second-favorites out. Last up is FlyQuest against Team EnVyUs, where the highest hopes will be clean games that don’t descend into chaos.

Overall, IMT vs. Dig and IMT vs. CLG guarantees two losses among the top three teams this week. That will probably be good news for TSM, who can pretty much be expected to go 2-0 this week and rise to 6-2 on the Split. Tune in via Twitch for the best League of Legends North America has to offer, starting at 3pm PDT.

Daniel serves as the MOBA and Esports Editor for MMOExaminer and is a writer based in San Francisco, California. He enjoys games, music, film, certain television and theater. A former student of anthropology, he is fascinated by the intersections of culture, media and technology. He is perpetually in search of the perfect MMORPG, which may not actually exist.

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