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My Time At Portia Gets Funded On Kickstarter

My Time at Portia

It’s always a good day when a video game gets the chance to truly be made, and for the team at Pathea Games their time to celebrate is now, for their title My Time At Portia has been officially funded via Kickstarter. What’s more, not only did they reach their goal, they actually ended up with a fair chunk of change over it. So, in order to thank players for their help, and let them know what’s coming, they made a little outline of future events concerning the game.

This was all broken down on their Steam Page, where the team noted that the first step is to get everything organized for what’s coming up. Then, they’ll send out the Backer Surveys to get all the information they need from players about their rewards (as is standard procedure). Now, despite getting $146,000+ dollars, the team is considering doing an “extension” of the Kickstarter via Backer Kit, to both try and get more money for stretch goals, but also to help out people who may not have gotten to pledge to the Kickstarter in time.

To be clear though, this is not a confirmed thing, and even if it goes through, it won’t affect early production of the rest of the game.

In fact, the team is working hard right now to get Alpha 3.0 up and ready so that eventually it can go on Steam Early Access, so you should be getting more updates very soon.

As for what My Time At Portia is, it’s a mix of classic games from the past where you are left a workshop by your father and set out to build a life within Portia. As you grow, so does your world, and you get to shape your life and what you do in it.

The world is big and full of life, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to explore once you get your hands on the game.

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