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MU Origin’s Loren Castle Siege Update Went Live

The Loren Castle Siege Update went live the other day, so hop into the game and try out the new features! If you didn’t know, MU Origin is the really popular full 3D MMORPG set in a dark fantasy universe. It’s quite engaging, and its shiny graphics together with huge and colorful explosions make it quite a treat for the eyes. The game also has endless content for those players that just want to compete and see how can get the highest score, which would mean that you have to keep on playing just to secure your spot.


Anyway, we are here to see what are the new major features that we are getting in this update!

The first major feature is the Pet System. This is great for all those people that like to take care of virtual animals, and it will feel like you’re playing a  Pokémon game when you have a pet by your side! Using the Aether System, which is also a new feature, you will be able to grow even stronger, making your character the ultimate killing machine. – Utilize the power of insignias to make your character even stronger. Lastly, we have a treat for PvP lovers, as the Loren Castle Siege will have you rival other guilds and win rewards in return!


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