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Mortal Online Reveals New Crafting Skills

Mortal Online tries to be a very different kind of MMORPG. For them, it’s not just the graphics that makes them different, but rather, the approach to the MMORPG itself. For example, there are no PVP zones in the game. Instead, there’s just a very open world where you can do anything you want. You decide where to put your skills, what to have your character do, and more. To give you even more to do, the team has revealed new crafting skills that are coming to the game.

This crafting update will come via a new patch for Mortal Online that’s coming soon. The code is written, but there are bugs to be worked out. Once it launches though, you’ll have three new crafting tables to learn things in, and there could be more on the way as well.

The Carpentry table can be used to learn how to craft items for your house, or for other players houses. Some of the things you’ll be able to build (if you have the right materials of course) are¬†chairs, storage, lamps with different colors of light, crafting tables and more.

For those of you who like to mount your kills on the wall, or in various other places in the house, the Taxidermy table is for you. Yes, you’ll be able to stuff and mount any of the kills you are able to get. Because why not show off your victories?

Finally, there’s Module Crafting, this is a special one, as it’ll be used to improve upon your houses by building outer walls, inner walls, and more.

There have been other things discussed for this patch, we suggest you check it out, and be prepared for when Mortal Online releases this, as we have a feeling you’ll be building a lot when it launches!

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