Mordheim: City of the Damned Gets Vampires With The Newest Undead DLC

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by Dante

Mordheim: City of the Damned is finally adding some vampires and various other undead creatures for us to slaughter in the Undead DLC!


Slaying vampires is not an easy task, so be sure to take some organized, veteran players to take on these undead beasts that even rival Ogres in terms of raw power.

From the sinister land of Sylvania, Count Vlad decided to send his hellish minions on a mission to Mordheim, essentially declaring war on the living. Sylvania first fell into despair during the Black Plague, when the necromancer Vanhel decided to raise his very own army of the undead. Ever since that, Sylvania has been shrouded in mystery and death, and its ruler is Count Vlad, an immensely powerful vampire that rules the city from his castle, Drakenhof.


Vampires won’t be your only concern, though, as you have ghouls, necromancers, vampire thralls, the dreg, crypt horrors, and zombies. Each of these can be a threat if not taken seriously, but your main problem will be the vampires. But, what’s dead should stay dead, and that’s where you come into play, so consider your mission as a crusade against the dead that’s supposed to kill them, but this time for sure.

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