Monster Hunter Online – English Patch Arrives Soon

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maxresdefault (3)We all know everything there is to know about Monster Hunter Online: it is a Chinese MMO that will probably never be available to the rest of the world. But, as we are aware, players will be players, and they will always find a way to get their hands on the good stuff. Monster Hunter Online was no difference, many players outside of China were playing this game, but unfortunately the game was in Chinese. Even that didn’t stop the players from playing it but still, it was hard to comprehend the game entirely due to language difficulties.


Therefore, we are proud to spread this good news! Monster Hunter Online is soon getting its English patch! To be more specific, the patch will be out on May 30th and we just can’t wait. If you, just like us, didn’t learn Chinese while playing the game, and to be honest, no one did, you will love this one.


We will submit a few screenshots of the game in English that have been circling the internet for a few days. We would do it sooner but we wanted to be extra sure that it was not a prank.

mho-english-patch1mho-english-patch2mho-english-patch5 mho-english-patch3

Are you excited as we are about this patch? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

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