Monster Cards Coming To Tree of Savior

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tree-of-saviorWe all love collecting monsters right? Probably some sort of Pokemon “gotta catch them all” syndrome. Well, good news for you because Tree of Savior, an MMORPG by IMC Games, getting a new feature soon, and it involves collecting monster cards!

The feature is still being developed so be careful, what they show now may not look the same as the finished product. So what exactly is this monster card equip system you might ask. Well, they are equipable, just like your regular items, and they have their own unique bonuses! They will be hard to attain, so don’t think this will be some simple task. The developers plan on making the cards drop from Cubes which are acquired after defeating field boss monsters and bosses from instanced dungeons and missions. Your characters will get slots for the Monster Cards and you will get more slots as you get more ranks with your character. So if you’re, let’s say, a Rank 5 character, you will have 5 Monster Cards slots available to you in your inventory.

Equipping the cards in Tree of Savior will be fairly simple too, you can either use the right click or drag and drop them in the card slot. Players can use different cards to receive different benefits or you can use multiple copies of one card to increase its effect.

You can read more about the upcoming feature here!


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