MMOverview For Week 30

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by Mustapha R. Price

Yet another week of news here on MMOExaminer. We’ve got your MMOverview for week 30 right here to show you what you may have missed.

BlackrockHearthstone is going to have a big announcement on the 28th of July. Likely a new adventure. We’ve also had some major Hearthstone discussions surrounding the Tavern Brawl, as it changed twice. This week was also the Friendly Feud, where players could complete daily quests while facing off against friends.

We also had a few discussions regarding strategy in games like Furi and Skulls of the Shogun.

There are rumors of a new Mega Man game, themed around the upcoming cartoon. Fans can rejoice in that, as the spiritual successor to the Mega Man series Mighty No. 9 was very poorly received.

Duelyst also received a patch, so we have the notes for that covered as well.

As for MMOExamined games, we took a look at Life Is Strange, as its first episode is now free on all platforms. We also had a look at Pirates – Treasure Hunters. Be sure to check out those reviews for two interesting games.Pokemon-Go-2

Of course, there’s also always plenty to discuss on Pokemon Go, which has doubled Nintendo’s shares. Nintendo has also released the final lineup for their Mini-NES console, so we have the information on that as well.

For access to this news and much more, head to our Latest News page right here!

This has been your weekly MMOverview for week 30. Thanks for checking in.


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