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by Mustapha R. Price

Yet another big week of news here on MMOExaminer. Here’s this week’s MMOverview to get you up to date on the biggest stories in gaming.

Blizzard came in hot with plenty of news spanning from the announcement of their new Overwatch hero Ana, to a new patch for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Of course, we got a few closer looks at the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion. Everything for Blizzard seems to be shaping up in quite a major way.

Ana is a sniper hero, and is the mother of the character Pharah. There’s also a comic called Ana: Legacy released to give some insight to her backstory.

The new Hearthstone patch allows for recruitment of friends through a URL system. Recruiting these friends earns them a new card pack and can get you the new Shaman hero Morgl the Oracle. This is complimented by the interesting Tavern Brawl this week, where minions will cast a random spell whenever they’re played.

Callie vs MarieSplatoon, Nintendo’s squid-themed shooter will be having its final Splatfest this coming weekend. Players get to choose between Callie and Marie, the two squid sisters who host the events.

The release date for the eagerly anticipated PS4.5 has been leaked, and the console can be expected to launch on October 13th.

We also took a good long look at Pokemon Go as it launched across numerous regions. Kova has written an MMOExamined review of the game here.

fallout-shelter-pc-version-release-date-mobile-update-16-features-new-quests-combatSea of Thieves, the cooperative pirate game showcased at E3 has received a launch window of February of 2017 and we got an exclusive look into the crafting system of Riders of Icarus. As far as launches, Fallout Shelter launched on PC this week as well.

With such an eventful news week, there’s plenty to read and catch up on. This has been your weekly MMOverview.

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