Ship of Heroes

Superhero MMORPGs aren’t new, from the original City of Heroes, to DC Universe Online, and more, the genre has been here before. However, not all of them give freedom to the players, and City of Heroes has long since been shut down. Yet, one company is aiming to pick up where that game left off, and that game is Ship of Heroes, and it’s on Kickstarter now just waiting to be funded.

The game aims to give you not only a personal experience, but gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing your hero. For example, you’ll start with an Archetype, but then, you’ll get to select primary and secondary powers that you can mix and match to not only change what your character becomes, but their stats, and what they can learn. Plus, you can even alter how effective each ability is, thus giving you more control.

It’s more than just giving a customizable experience though, it’s about delivering an experience that players will enjoy:

Ship of Heroes has an unusual goal, which is to recreate the best parts of the Golden Age of MMOs, like a friendly and non-toxic player community, and combine them with a new MMORPG that looks great and enables new levels of gameplay,” said Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games.

Ship of Heroes

An honorable goal indeed, and Ship Of Heroes does promote working together, as you can team up with up to 10 players to fight bad guys. But of course, you can play by yourself if you want.

As with all Kickstarters, there are very special rewards you can get via the campaign. Including reserving your hero name, getting to participate in the alpha, helping design monsters in the game, and more.

The Kickstarter for Ship of Heroes will be live until May 9th, and is seeking $200,000. So if you’re looking for a deep and fun superhero MMORPG, this might be the one you’re looking for.



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