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Mustapha R. Price
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If you’re like me, when you saw this game as a PS Plus option, you were wildly disappointed. It resembled just another obnoxious indie puzzle game. I have irrevocably learned the bitter taste of my own words, as Tricky Towers turned out to be an interesting fun multiplayer game, with significant depth and fun game modes.

While the aesthetic of Tricky Towers is nothing particularly unique, this game takes a Tetris-esque formula, and adds elements of physics, competition, and humor to create a unique and party-viable experience.

survivalThe main mode of play is “Race” where you start with a base, and have to stack tiles on top of each other to reach the goal before your opponent(s). Tiles will fall over if you stack them incorrectly so calculating every move is key. In spite of the tactical depth required for even such a simple experience, spells add a new layer to the game. Each time you hit a milestone while doing the race, you get the option of doing one of two spells. Light magic helps you, perhaps by solidifying one of your blocks so it doesn’t ever move, or deleting a previously made error. Dark magic on the other hand, sabotages your opponents, either by changing the shape, size, and speed of their block, or by covering their tower so they can’t see. It’s truly hilarious.

Another of the main modes is “Puzzle” where you will have a very limited space to build a tower of as many pieces as you can possibly fit. The objective is to avoid dropping any tiles, and make sure you fill up more space than your opponents. This one requires a completely different approach from the race mode. Rather than moving fast, you have to think every move through with even greater precision. One mistake could spell the end.

Finally, there’s survival. A seemingly endless mode similar to Tetris, where players have to keep stacking tiles without dropping them. Dropping a tile costs you a life, and three lives will spell your end.

There’s local and online multiplayer, as well as unique challenges and much more. This game is simply full of content for its $15 price tag. Am I selling you the next Xenoblade Chronicles? Absolutely not. But people need to understand that there’s a place in the industry for independent games with niche mechanics too. Everything doesn’t have to be the most revolutionary experience in the world, so long as it’s genuinely fun.

Tricky Towers is cute, inventive, creative, and above all else, a lot of fun. I’d no doubt recommend this game to anyone looking for something to play.

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