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MMOEXAMINED: Riders of Icarus Open Beta

games (2)July is here, summer is closely coming to its peak and will soon attack our processors and put our fans to the epic test. In these unbearable days, I decided to turn to our dearest friend, Nexon and returned to the fields of Icarus in the Open Beta that went live a few days ago.

3091139-trailer_ridersoficarus_openbetacg_20160706There, I reconnected with the world I left not so long ago in Phase 3 of the Riders of Icarus CBT. Even though my Barbarian was waiting for me, battle ready, I decided that is the best for both of us to continue in different directions. We parted ways with heads held high and with sorrow in our hearts, but as true warriors, we stayed composed.

So, as I went through all the other classes, my soul was calling out to try something new and different. The decision was made and I went in like a nicely figured female Wizard. I feared that this will be troublesome since I knew that this class was really squishy, but let me tell you something. This class might be the most OP class in the game, in reality.

You can be as squishy as a wild berry, but if they can’t reach you, they can’t kill you. The kiting was amazing and the power was overwhelming. In a few moments I felt sorry for the mobs that were annihilated with my fire-ice combos.

But, enough about the classes. The game looks good, even better than before. I was right about Nexon when I decided to share with them information about some bugs in the game. As it seems, there is no trace that they had ever existed.


I especially loved the ambience of the game and the people in it. The community is really great and I already made some friends. The overall population of the game seems amazing, because whenever you log in there will always be a good number of players online.

All in all, I’ve spent quite some time playing the game, maybe more than I’m willing to admit because the game is so good, and unfortunately I’m an adult with real life obligations. But, I definitely recommend and invite all of you to join me in the quest towards becoming the greatest hero in Riders of Icarus!

Written by Kova

As an experienced content creator, Kova delivers actionable work that resonates with the audience. He is a passionate gamer, and the fact that he writes about the games he plays makes him an unstoppable force behind the keyboard and a purveyor of cleverly crafted words. When he is not writing, Kova spends his time playing many different games, such as LoL, DOTA2, Riders Of Icarus, Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 3, Diablo 3 etc. The list is so long that we’ll just say: You name it, he played it.

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