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by Kova

pokemon-go-healPokemon Go, the game that made thousands of gamers leave their comfortable gaming chairs and took them on a long journey is almost available for everyone.

I am happy that it finally came to my country, and by that, you may assume I don’t live in America, New Zeland or
Australia. Unfortunately, my location is behind the beautiful Alps and down towards the Mediterranean sea. But, enough with the locations and let’s get to the review of the game.

First of all, let me be as clear as possible. I am more than familiar with the fact that the game was accessible via many different sources and I didn’t have to wait so long to play it. But, to be honest, with all the fuss about hacking software that was lurking around, I didn’t like the idea to share my personal data with anyone.

pokemon-go-pokestopTherefore, I waited and finally the day came. I geared up momentarily, downloaded the game on my Android and took it for a spin. You could imagine my disaptumblr_o90hveKgF61umlu2no1_1280pointment when the game told me the servers were busy.

After an hour or so, the game was finally working and I went for a long walk through my neighborhood. My starter was Bulbasaur, which didn’t make me too happy, but I promised myself that I will love him as any other. Luckily, I managed to find enough Pokestops and catch enough Pokemon to get fast progression to level 5. Although there were a bunch of gyms on my way, I didn’t choose a team, yet. I decided to leave that aside while I gather more Pokemon.

All in all, the game looks amazing. Even thought it could be better, I think this game will make me visit parks more often. There are still a ton of bugs that need to be taken care of, and navigation can cause some problems. But, I’m loving every moment and every Pokemon I catch.

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  1. I play it from my bed.

    Dasianro on February 26 | Reply

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