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Even though Overwatch has been out for month or so, we at MMOexaminer like to take our time and do a proper research and evaluation before writing down a review about it.

For all you who might not know, Overwatch is the new shiny toy from Blizzard that shook the world and made a huge impact on many gamers. It is a multiplayer arena shooter that resembles Team Fortress 2 in a way, but is still very different from it.

The first thing we noticed about it was that the matches were extremely short, by extremely we mean they never lasted more than 15 to 20 min. The game is so fast, you can win it or lose it in a matter of minutes. We had the pleasure to win within the 5-minute mark but also lost one in the similar time period. All in all, really fun game to play, and definitely something different in the gigantic pile of MOBAs that are thrown to us every day.

But, the most amazing thing about this game is its characters. They are categorized in four different roles, but additionally, they are all special and bring something new. At first, we were amazed by the most common picks that players run around with, such as Genji, Hanzo, Tracer, and Reaper, but after a few matches, we realized that every hero is fun to play with. overwatch-650w

Moreover, we loved the idea of versatile maps and different objectives that players need to focus around if the want to win the game. We can freely say that this feature is kind of trademarked by Blizzard because they used a similar feature in Heroes of the Storm.

This game is definitely something we will gladly spend time in and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre. There are evidently still some things to tweak and bugs to get rid of,  but overall Blizzard did a great job.

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