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Mustapha R. Price
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Lethal League is an interesting blend of traditional 2D fighters and sports. It may tickle your fancy, if you’re down with the alternative development style of modern indie games, but still want something that satiates the appetite for familiarity.

The objective of the game is not to senselessly beat your opponent, but to abuse the ball that takes center stage at the start of each round. You must then hit the ball in a way in which your opponent cannot dodge. The objective of the opponent would be to dodge the ball and attempt to hit you with it. It’s very similar to that game about dodging balls that I can’t seem to recall the name of.

lethal-leagueWhile it’s not the most dynamic game in the world, its simple formula might appeal to those who want quick and friendly competition without having to learn the intricacies of a title like Street Fighter. Yet even still, like with any fighting game, the skill ceiling is very high. If you want to get exceptionally good at this game, you’re welcome to put in the time, and learn dynamic strategies that place you above the average player.

There are only a few buttons, yet the way movement interacts with each swing is incredibly different.

Lethal League is a rarity. It offers local and online multiplayer, but it doesn’t make for a dedicated fighting experience. It’s not necessarily a game you’ll be spending years learning how to play, and perhaps no attention should be given to trying to master it on any sort of competitive level, yet still, it’s a game worth trying. It can be fun in a setting with multiple people. Knowing what you’re getting into is crucial for a game like this. Lethal League is definitely worth its price point, and worth you checking out.

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