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Mustapha R. Price
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League Of ExplorersLeague Of Explorers is the adventure expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. This expansion offers the most cards out of any adventure to date. It essentially serves as an Indiana Jones parody.

The battles in this expansion are fun. Whether you’re trying to survive ten turns or barreling out of a collapsing cave and fighting minions along the way, this is the most unique adventure yet.

The cards you can win are pretty game-changing as well. Brann Bronzebeard triggers Battlecries twice. This makes him a vital asset, especially to new decks. C’Thun combined with Brann is an unstoppable combination.

Rafaam will give you one of three artifacts when you play him. These artifacts can change the tide of battle exponentially. Pacing on these items are a little bit flawed, but he’s still a great legendary.

Perhaps the best legendary minion you get for completing the League Of Explorers is Elise Starseeker. She has a Battlecry: Shuffle map to the golden monkey into your deck. When you finally play the Golden Monkey, it will replace all cards in your deck and hand with legendary minions.

If you’ve been concerned about getting the League Of Explorers it is a sure-fire way to get some of the game’s best legendaries. If you don’t like them, you can always disenchant them to craft new cards for cheaper.

Fans of Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft are all but required to play this expansion. It will offer you some of the game’s best cards, and allow you to turn the tide of battle.

The League Of Explorers is available now in the shop. It can also be purchased with gold. 700 gold per wing is an incredibly high rate however, and it is recommended that players just purchase the adventures. Reno Jackson and company are waiting, so get your hands on this adventure today.

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