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  • Tera
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    TERA EU to Host Leveling Event

    MMO Related News Starting tomorrow, TERA players in Europe will be able to earn special rewards just from playing and leveling up their characters. Called the League of Levelers, the event is scheduled to run from 08:00 CEST September 19th until 08:00 CEST October 10th. TERA League of Levelers Players looking to participate in the […] More

  • Survived By
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    Digital Extremes Reveals Survived By Trailer

    MMO Related News A true challenge in the video game world is to create something special and unique. This is hard because it seems like everything has been done before, and in a way it has. And yet, developers find a way to take something that’s been done before, and set it up to be […] More

  • conan exiles
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    Conan Exiles Announces Sprinting Update

    MMO Related News Games that are in Steam Early Access obviously have a reason for it. And that reason, plain and simple, is improvement. Each game that is in Early Access isn’t finished yet and they are in that state in order to collect feedback so that the developers can focus on improving the game’s […] More

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    H1Z1: King of the Kill Weekend Update Notes

    MMO Related News The weekend has come and along with it comes the weekend update for the famous MMO survival game developed and published by Daybreak Game Company, H1Z1: King of the Kill. The game has been in Steam Early Access for a while now, and since the initial EA release of the game, it’s been […] More

  • shroud of the avatar
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    Shroud Of The Avatar Team Gets New Partner

    MMO Related News Sometimes one of the biggest challenges in making video games is getting people to help distribute it to players all over. Yes, there are services like Steam and other venues but sometimes you want more than that. For the team behind the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar, they just got a major […] More

  • Summoners War
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    Summoners War Tournament Hits Top 5 on Twitch

    MMO Related News This past Friday and Saturday, June 23rd and 24th, around 6,000 fans attended the Summoners War tournament at the M2: Mobile Masters Invitational 2017. According to a press release from the game’s developer and publisher, Com2us, the tournament reached top 5 on Twitch while it was streamed live, with over 35,000 concurrent […] More

  • Crowfall
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    Crowfall Updates Outdated Kickstarter Pledge Rewards

    MMO Related News ArtCraft Entertainment, the developer behind the upcoming sandbox MMO “throne war simulator” announced a new update that was made especially for the players that own a Crowfall Kickstarter pledge package. The packages were given to supporters of their original Kickstarter campaign. While the Crowfall team was checking their old Kickstarter rewards, they noticed […] More

  • escape from tarkov
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    Escape From Tarkov Introduces The Hideout

    MMO Related News Escape From Tarkov is a very unique kind of game. It’s an RPG and a shooter, but it also has loads of MMO elements. Yet it has a story that demands your attention, as it’s key to your survival. Set in the ficitional nation of Tarkov, war and in-fighting have cause a […] More

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