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MMO + MOBA Hybrid: Crush Online

Experience a new kind of MMO with Crush Online. This isn’t a game of matches, but a game of war.


As can be seen in the above trailer, Crush Online takes the content of an MMORPG and combines it with the PVP combat style of a MOBA. The game is currently accepting registration for a closed beta.

The MOBA genre has been expanding very much lately. This includes the transition to consoles for some games like Smite, and the continually growing competitive scenes of titans such as League Of Legends and Dota 2. 

The MMORPG, of course, was largely popularized by the likes of World Of Warcraft.

A combination of these two genres will likely appeal to a broad range, and its market will be rather expensive.

With many factions and unique characters and weapon setups, players will find themselves in a very diverse and customizable arena in which they take control of their play session. Autonomy is a key aspect to games that focus on long-term multiplayer. The more control a player has over his/her experience, the more likely they are to keep playing, and of course, the stronger the longevity of the title.

Crush Online has found its niche, and will likely have a large audience. For more information and access to the closed beta registration, head here!

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