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Minion Masters Announces Update 36

Minion Masters is a fast-paced online battle game that is developed and published by BetaDwarf, known for their earlier work on the FORCED series. The strategic PvP game features online matches that include a variety of cards that allow for many decks and tactics that may or may not decide who the better player is. Decision making and good decks are what will decide the victor of a match.Minion Masters

Minion Masters is currently available on Steam for the low price of 4,99€, which will change sooner or later once the game is out of Early Access. In fact, it won’t even have a price as it’s supposed to be free to play once it’s officially out.Minion Masters

In the latest update notes, the team behind Minion Masters made it clear that Team Battle event is over. Even though it’s officially over, they decided to surprise their community by keeping the Team Battle mode enabled for a long time. They did note that it eventually might have to go away at least for a short time because of some iterations.

Minion Masters

The BetaDwarf team has been working on a couple of things that they find unappealing and want to change. In Update 36, the devs focused on improving the game’s intro/tutorial, which including an intro cinematic, and new voice lines for the combat in the tutorial, along with some changes to the UI, arena, and skybox. Besides that, they also worked on some small bugs that needed a quick fix. There’s a whole list of miscellaneous changes that were implemented with this patch, available over at Steam via the official announcement.

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