Minecraft: Switch Edition Releases This Week

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by GlyphMasterson

The concept of Minecraft is one of the simplest out there in the realm of video games. You go and get resources, then try to build things. What you build, and how you build it is entirely up to you, and thus, you can do pretty much anything you want. Because of this, Minecraft has been ported to virtually every video game console and handheld out there. And this week, Minecraft: Switch Edition adds itself to the list.

But, though this is another port of the popular voxel title, that doesn’t mean that people have all played it. In fact, some are eager to get the Minecraft: Switch Edition because they have never played Minecraft before. In fact, Reddit user Cataracts is one such person, and asks his fellow player what to do, and what makes the version so special:

“However, I am a first time Minecraft player and am pretty clueless to what game modes/features the Switch version has to offer.”

The answer in truth is simple, it’s the complete Minecraft experience, but the Switch version allows you to take the game on the movelike few versions before it would do. While that may be a copout as that’s one of the basic features of the Nintendo Switch itself, it is an important feature to note. This’ll also lend to local multiplayer, as you can take your Switch to someones house and play it with them without needing to hook something up. There will also be a special server that features all Nintendo characters in the world.


Other Reddit users chimed in to talk about not only the game, but what Minecraft means to them. In the case of one player, he thought Minecraft was stupid when his brother asked him for it. So he got it begrudgingly, at first.

” I ended up trying it and played with my friend for 15 hours straight,” laughed RyanPMC

As you can see, the power of Minecraft is not to be underestimated. Will you be getting Minecraft: Switch Edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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