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Minecraft Devs Recap All News From E3 About Title

E3 2017 has already shown off a lot of games, a lot of which are new, or haven’t been given much detail yet. However, there has been one “old” game that has gotten a lot of attention at the show: Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft, the game where you can build what you want, play with who you want and so on. You’d think that there wouldn’t be much to talk about for this game, but you’d be wrong. In fact, a load of new information about upcoming things for the game were revealed at E3, and the team at Mojang decided to compile it all into one place for you.

This all boils down to what they call the “Better Together Update.” Meaning, they’re making just about every version of Minecraft unified under one banner, rather than various editions. What does this allow? Well, it means that every version is about to get a visual update, but most importantly, it’ll allow cross-platform play between PC versions, console versions, and even mobile versions! Yeah, if you want to play on your PC, but hang out on a server with your Nintendo Switch Minecraft buddies, you can do that!

The best part? This singular Minecraft game will be given out for free to all who already have the title on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (via Windows 10), iOS, Android, and even VR. Oh, and don’t worry, everything you’ve build in your worlds will transfer over, DLC too!

It gets better though, to show their appreciation for the Minecraft community, once the unified edition is released, players will have a bunch of server options to choose from, some of which have been independent servers for years. So now, you can truly play with others from all over the world in various kinds of ways.

Still not enough? Well, if you want better graphics in the game, you can get the special “Super Duper Graphics Pack,” which will upgrade your visuals to 4K HDR if you have a compatible system. Don’t worry though, it’s entirely optional.

So as you can see, Minecraft has a lot going on, are you excited for it?

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