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Is Mei In Overwatch Nerfed And Unplayable?

Overwatch is a game that is a constant balancing act by the team at Blizzard. After all, they’re having to make sure all characters are both not too strong, not too weak, and don’t have unnecessary advantages in various modes. It’s a lot to account for. Because of this, there are characters in the game that are unbalanced, or at times even broken. For some players, a recent nerf has caused one to be unplayable: Mei.

This was brought to light by Battle.Net user Dark Hollow, who noted that there was not just one bug with Mei, but several. And all of them add up to her being unplayable in a bad way. First up, since the recent Uprising event update, Mei’s Ultimate doesn’t “Pop off” after death.

“Now after the Uprising update her Ult does not even pop off after death, which it is suppose to! Just like Zarya.” he notes.

This bug is a problem, but also a curious one, as DarkHollow thinks it was meant to be a band-aid that went wrong. If Mei’s Ult did this before as part of Blizzard’s plan, why would they revise it like this when it hurts the character?

Which of course brings us to the other bug. Both Mei’s main weapon and Ult doesn’t slow down opponents when attacking them. This is one of Mei’s key features, yet as you’ll see in the video above, it doesn’t work anymore. This is what Overwatch players are saying makes her unplayable, because now she has lost a key part of her arsenal, as players note:

“This is a bizarre nerf, as it does nothing but hinder one of Mei’s core mechanics. :/” says Blues1990.

The post has been getting attention from a lot of people, and they’ve confirmed that this is still going on. Blizzard has said that they’re working on a fix, but it hasn’t come as of yet.


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