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Master X Master Team Thanks Beta Testers

There’s a lot of work that goes into making video games, and a big part of it is making sure the game is playable for the players who are going to get it upon release. One of the biggest boons of recent technology advancements is that companies are able to release Alpha and Beta versions of their game to the public in order to get their thoughts about how the game is progressing, as well as how it should be adjusted. The MOBA Master X Master has just gone through the Beta process, and wants to make sure those who participated in it are thanked properly.

First off, they just simply thanked everyone who participated in the beta. They know it will go a long was towards making Master X Master great, and so a thank you is most certainly warranted in their eyes.

“Thank you to our Closed Beta testers for helping us put Master X Master through its paces!”

As for actual physical rewards, don’t worry, there are those too. When the game launches you’ll get the exclusive “Beta Master” title to show off in-game and prove that you were instrumental in helping the game get made and launched. But that’s not all, you’ll also get the exclusive CBT Taejin Skin, so you’ll already have something all the other players (who weren’t in the test) won’t when the game launches.

The team notes that a survey for the beta will be coming out soon, and they ask that you complete it so that the team can get even more notes from you the player about what to do in the game to make it better.

Master X Master is set to launch sometime this Summer, and the team hopes that when it launches that it meets the expectations and goal that both the development team and the beta testing player base have set.

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