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The next addition to Master X Master’s ‘Meet the Masters’ series is Lilu, a seer from Nashrune. Lilu is a mobile support who scouts areas and zones enemies with the help of her hawk, Haru.

Lilu - Stats

Her weapon of choice is Tomahawk, a holy totem capable of ranged attacks. Tomahawk may be augmented to increase weapon damage, maximum range, or attack speed. Damage dealt by Tomahawk to close-up enemies will be decreased.

Passive skill: Razor Beak

Lilu - Razor Beak

Every 4th attack that hits an opposing unit will deliver an additional attack. Make use of Razor Beak’s proc to harass enemies.

Defensive skill: Wingrider

Lilu - Wingrider

Haru lifts Lilu into the air, saving her from all sources of damage for the duration. While in the air, Haru may carry Lilu over any terrain. Wingrider should be used to avoid high damaging abilities, and also to retreat or chase through terrain.

1st ability: Bird of Prey

Lilu - Bird of Prey

Haru lifts either an allied or enemy unit into the air. The unit may be slammed down on a targeted area, dealing damage to all hostile units in the vicinity. Upgrading Bird of Prey increases its cast distance, and stuns enemies at the center of the impact. Use Bird of Prey to disable an enemy or help an ally escape.

2nd ability: Talon Swarm

Lilu - Talon Swarm

Lilu marks an area, signaling Haru to periodically deal damage to enemies within the area. Talon Swarm also grants vision of the affected area. Upgrading Talon Swarm increases its radius and shortens the time between damage occurrences. Talon Swarm should be used to zone enemies either offensively, by blocking one of their retreat paths, or defensively, by covering your own retreat route.

3rd ability: Birds of a Feather

Lilu - Birds of a Feather

Haru lifts Lilu into the air and travels a long distance in a straight line. Birds of a Feather may be cast while mid-air to cancel the ability earlier. Upgrading this ability will replenish Lilu’s stamina while traveling, and increases the movement speed of any allies that were passed over. Birds of a Feather is useful when initiating a gank or retreating from dangerous situations.

4th ability: Feather Crest

Lilu - Feather Crest

Lilu fires a projectile, marking the first enemy hit. Activate Feather Crest a second time to send a spiritual hawk towards the marked target, stunning and damaging them. Any other enemies caught in the spiritual hawk’s path will also be stunned. Try positioning yourself in a battle to stun multiple enemies with Feather Crest’s second activation.

Ultimate ability: Screeching Crest

Lilu - Screeching Crest

Lilu marks any unit aside from herself. The marked unit will radiate damaging pulses for a set duration, or until the unit dies or switches out. Upgrading Screeching Crest increases its cast range and duration. Screeching Crest is incredibly potent in a team fight because of its large area-of-effect damage. Mark an allied master instead of an enemy to avoid early termination of the ability by simply switching out.

Be sure to watch Lilu’s master reveal from Play MXM’s Youtube channel to see her abilities in action:

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