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Shortly after Lilu was revealed by the Master X Master team, they also revealed Jingtai, a skirmishing monk. Jingtai was born and raised in a small village on Earth. When the Synd plague plowed through his village, he, his master, and a couple of other children were the only survivors. Jingtai learned his staff skills from his master, who, with the other children, were all killed once the Synd found them again.

Jingtai - Stats

Jingtai wields the Jin Gang Staff, a memento passed down to him from his master. As Jingtai strikes consecutively with the Jin Gang Staff, his attack speed increases. At the end of his combo, his final strike knocks the enemy into the air. The Jing Gang Staff may be augmented to increase weapon damage, attack speed, or attack range.

Passive skill: Staff Fighter

Jingtai - Staff Fighter

Staff Fighter has two functionalities to it. First, after using 4th abilities, Jingtai regains a large amount of stamina. Second, Jingtai’s damage is increased by 2% for each successive hit within a limited time frame, up to a maximum of 20% increased damage. Consistently utilizing Staff Fighter’s stacking potential is crucial for success.

Defensive skill: Pogo

Jingtai - Pogo

Jingtai balances himself on top of his staff, becoming immune to all sources of damage. Pogo may be activated a second time to hop towards the player’s mouse cursor for a small stamina cost. As with all defensive skills, try to save Pogo to evade the opponents’ highest damaging abilities. Pogo may also be used offensively as a small gap closer.

1st ability: Million Staff Burst

Jingtai - Million Staff Burst

Million Staff Burst is a channeled ability that deals damage and lowers the defensives of all enemies within an arc. Upgrade Million Staff Burst to increase its range and width, and allow its defensive de-buff to stack an additional two times. Attempt to hit as many targets as possible with Million Staff Burst to greatly amplify the damage they take from all allies.

2nd ability: Sweep Aside

Jingtai - Sweep Aside

Jingtai charges forward while knocking back any enemies in his path. Activating Sweep Aside a second time will cause Jingtai to dash forward. Upgrading Sweep Aside will cause Jingtai to become immune to all crowd-control statuses, and will additionally knock down all enemies hit. Sweep Aside, once upgraded, is an incredibly strong initiation and disabling ability. Make use of Sweep Aside’s second activation to keep in range of enemies.

3rd ability: Bounding Strike

Jingtai - Bounding Strike

After charging for a desired duration, Jingtai leaps into the air and lands at the targeted location. The leap distance increases with the charge time. Upon landing, all enemies around Jingtai will suffer damage. Upgrading Bounding Strike will give it an additional knock down effect. Bounding Strike is best used to initiate onto the enemy or to catch a retreating foe.

4th ability: Fling

Jingtai - Fling

Jingtai dashes towards an enemy and tosses them backwards over his shoulders. Fling does no damage to the target unit. Upgrade Fling to increase its toss distance and slow any affected enemies. Fling should be used in conjunction with Jingtai’s gap closing abilities to catch any over-extending enemy masters for easy kills.

Ultimate ability: Spirit of Protection

Jingtai - Spirit of Protection

Jingtai projects a spiritual image of himself forward in a straight line. The projection will damage all enemies in its path, and also block any incoming projectiles. Once upgraded, Spirit of Protection will have increased width, and also reflects incoming projectiles instead of blocking them. The usage of Spirit of Protection will separate the good Jingtai players from the professional ones. The ability to negate, and eventually reflect, all projectiles is a game-changing power to possess if timed correctly.

As always, be sure to watch the ‘Meet the Masters’ video for Jingtai from Play MXM’s Youtube channel for a visual overview of his abilities in-game:

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