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Master X Master has revealed Innowin as part of their ‘Meet the Masters’ series. Innowin is a long-range marksman who wields a Particle Accelerator Rifle, Nova. Innowin can fire Nova normally, or she may charge up Nova for increased damage, range, and knockback. The charged shot will also penetrate through enemies. Nova may be augmented to decrease charging time and increase knockback on charged attacks, increase projectile speed of charged attacks, or increase the projectile size of charged attacks.

Master X Master - Innowin Stats

To balance out her long range, Innowin has an unique weakness which causes her to deal less damage to enemies within 5 meters of her. The difference between a good and great Innowin is their capability to keep enemies away through the use of her skills and abilities.

Passive skill: Stay On Target
Innowin - Stay On Target
When Innowin hits an enemy unit, she marks them. If Innowin hits the target another two times within a three second window, she consumes the mark and deals an additional amount of damage on her third hit. Make use of Stay On Target to out-harass enemy heroes and secure last hits in lane.

Defensive skill: Reposition
Innowin - Reposition
Reposition allows Innowin to dash a short distance to avoid skills shots and retreat from enemies. Reposition can also be used offensively to chase down enemies for kills.

1st ability: Energy Lance
Innowin - Energy Lance
Innowin charges Nova momentarily, and then fires in a straight line in front of her, dealing damage to all enemies caught in the blast. The width and range of Energy Lance increases as it’s leveled up. Energy Lance should be used to clear minions and deal damage to enemy heroes from afar.

2nd ability: Shot Caller
Innowin - Shot Caller
Innowin marks a target, preventing them from entering stealth, and also increases their chance to be critically struck by Innowin’s team. Both cooldown and duration will improve as Shot Caller is leveled up. Shot Caller should be used to quickly eliminate priority targets.

3rd ability: Explosive Escape
Innowin - Explosive Escape
Innowin fires an explosive charge beneath her feet, dealing damage and knocking away nearby enemies. As Explosive Escape is leveled up, Innowin becomes able to move during the ability, and the knockback distance is also increased. Explosive Escape should be used in conjunction with Reposition to disengage from enemies.

4th ability: Paralyzer
Innowin - Paralyzer
Innowin fires a shot which immobilizes an enemy for two seconds. Leveling Paralyzer will increase its shot speed, and make the shot pierce through the first enemy. Use Paralyzer to keep enemies binded at a distance before unleashing Nova’s wrath upon them.

Ultimate: Zero In
Innowin - Zero In
Innowin becomes stealthed and rooted as she prepares to fire a long-range shot in a targeted area. Once the skill is activated, players will be able to adjust a reticle to aim at enemies. Enemies caught closer to the center of the shot will take more damage. If Innowin kills an enemy with Zero In, a portion of her Ultimate Gauge will be refunded. Zero In’s range and aiming speed will both increase with the skill’s level. Zero In is perfect for sniping low health enemies, but could also be used to briefly stealth Innowin as her defensive abilities recharge.

Check out Innowin’s official hero spotlight by Play MXM:

If you havn’t heard of Master X Master yet, it’s an upcoming Moba by NCSoft. Visit its site to learn more about the game, and how it plans on innovating the MOBA-genre.

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