Mass Effect Andromeda Players Want Sharper Story For Sequel

Despite a lot of hype, Mass Effect Andromeda is struggling to have the same impact the original three games did. Even the controversial Mass Effect 3 is doing better in...
Mass Effect Andromeda

Despite a lot of hype, Mass Effect Andromeda is struggling to have the same impact the original three games did. Even the controversial Mass Effect 3 is doing better in many ways than Andromeda in the eyes of the fans. The launch of Andromeda was buggy, and parts of the game were dubbed “unfinished” in both look and quality. This lead to the belief that publisher EA actually forced BioWare to rush this out instead of pushing it back to make sure the quality was there.

This also applies to the story of the game, which was both very intriguing when first billed, but was also the biggest risk. Mass Effect Andromeda was not going to tie into the main trilogy at all, but be an entirely different story. As many fans and even critics are noting, it’s not up to par with what BioWare has done in the past. So much so that some Andromeda players, including Reddit User FlyinElk212, insist that players rally to make sure that if there’s any Mass Effect game, there should be a powerful story in it inside and out.

“As fans of Mass Effect, this is something we need to address. If we let the subpar writing elements go unchecked, they may affect our experiences in the future.”

He even cites a video that perfectly details what he feels is wrong with the game.

His topic on Reddit inspired a lot of conversation about the story. This includes how Mass Effect Andromeda seemed to break from the lore set in the main games just so that there could be “logic” in the new title. Others think the story could be salvaged if certain things were added or shuffled around. “I honestly think it would be so easy to make us feel more invested in the narrative of this game by just adding a mission in the middle and changing some of the existing missions a bit,” user BenIsStillAlive notes.

BioWare has continued working on the game since it launched, and they are determined to provide more content for players. The real question is if the game gets a sequel, will fans be as eager for it as they were for this?

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  • Eric
    1 May 2017 at 8:00 pm
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    Lol NOPE wrong answer. YOU want a sharper story. Sorry please change your title and dont pretend you speak for us because you don’t. Your not some self appointed messiah. Frankly i enjoyed the story a lot more than ME 3. I Love ME 2 the best and yet id say this game has a better story then every ME game except ME1
    No, what i want is my favorite race the Quarians not being removed from the game as DLC and i dont want to play an MMO. I want this MMO Shit to stop. It started in Dragon Age Inquisition and now its here in Andromeda, i want Bioware to stop making games like MMOs and instead make a game normally like they used to do with Mass Effect 1 and 2. neither of which for the record has boring as shit endless super long pointless grind fests that you’d get in an MMO.

    • Dylan
      1 May 2017 at 11:30 pm
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      Triggered, Eric? lol, Mess Effect Androgenous is a shit pile. Face it, your precious game series has been destroyed by both Bioware AND EA. EVERYTHING about this game has been dumbed down from the trilogy. Cry more, biofag. xD

      • Andy
        1 May 2017 at 11:48 pm
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        Dylan, you just called somebody a fag. Congratulations! You win the Giant Dick Hole Twat Waffle Award. Poor irritable snowflake just had to lash out. It’s real easy to do that kinda thing knowing that you’ll never be held accountable.

    • William C Zwolinski
      1 May 2017 at 11:48 pm
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      I’d be willing to bet MOST mass effect fans found the writing sub par. I certainly found this game to not only be the worst Mass Effect game, but the worst Bioware game ever released. You enjoyed It? Fine. But don’t pretend that there isn’t a massive group of people who hate the direction Andromeda seems to be going in.

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