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Mass Effect Andromeda Players Reveal “Shortcuts” For Gameplay

Mass Effect Andromeda has not had a very smooth launch. It was called out for its quality in regards to its animations and glitches, then Bioware revealed that the game would be fixed over the next two months, and to make things even worse, the recent patch has made it near unplayable on PC. You’d think it can’t get any worse, but according to some players, the game has a lot of shortcuts that the game doesn’t tell you itself.

Now to be fair, it’s likely that the game does tell you somewhere, it’s just that it’s not seen during actual gameplay. Meaning that it’s not in the tutorial, nor is it mentioned anywhere else during gametime without serious searching. For many Reddit players, this is a problem, as some of these shortcuts actually help improve the game in some aspects. Or, making doing things easier without having to go through lots of menus.

Reddit User DarrylZer0 notes some of the shortcuts he himself has found for PC. For example, when you’re in the Nomad, you can go back to the Tempest by pressing “T”. You can use the Loadout menus in the Forward stations to change your party lineup. You can press ALT during combat to change your weapon shoulders.

Mass Effect Andromeda

When facing a Remnant Destroyer, if you focus on the turrets first, they’re a lot easier to kill. If you press Tab, you’ll bring up the Weapon Wheel. However, it also lets you bring up the Consumables section, which is something that is needed at higher levels of gameplay.

Other Reddit users chimed in to list some things they learned in Mass Effect Andromeda. Including some tips for PS4/Xbox One:

“Xbox One (and probably PS4): Hold X (or square) to switch between your last used weapon. Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that one out,” said user CookizMonstz.

Then there is the character naming trick, “If you name your character Scott or Sara respectfully, your first name will be fully voice acted throughout the game. It’s nice having characters use your full name on occasion. People who changed the name of their Ryders might not realize this,” says ricco19, or the cooldown trick, “…abilities that consume shields (like Lance, if spec’d appropriately). It may show it cooling down, but you can use it right away – assuming you have shields to consume in the first place,”  Youngster_Joey14 added.

Have you found any interesting shortcuts in Mass Effect Andromeda? If so, let us know!

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