Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Gets New Story/Location Details

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Marvel vs Capcom is going to be one of the grandest takes on this mash-up series. And for the first true time, will have a story mode that will see both the Marvel and Capcom universe merging in a way never done before. At E3, the game was shown off via a new story mode trailer. But now, Capcom is revealing much more about what was shown, and what wasn’t. Here’s a breakdown of it all.

First up, the story trailer reveals just how desperate things are in this merged Marvel/Capcom universe.  The alliance of Marvel/Cacpom characters feels so desperate that they are willing to go to Thanos, the Mad Titan of the Marvel Universe, for help. And he seemingly is up for this, giving them the locations of the Infinity Stones that Ultron Sigma (the fusion of Ultron from Marvel and Sigma from Capcom) does not have.

This leads to the other interesting thing that wasn’t fully stated, the merging of the Marvel and Capcom worlds is quite literal. For in this new merged universe, places of both universes have combined to form new locations. For example, “Knowmoon” combines the Celestial outpost Knowhere, and the Third Moon of the Strider series. While “Xgard” takes Asgard from Marvel and merges it with Abel City from Mega Man X. And this is just the beginning of what you’ll see.

Character wise, the story trailer had a lot of introductions. From the Marvel side, Gamora, Thanos, Doctor Strange, and Nova were all shown. Also in there was Black Panther, who we would be very surprised if he didn’t show up on the roster as well. For Capcom, Dante from Devil May Cry, Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Zero from Mega Man, and Spencer from Bionic Commando all debuted.

This game is going to be big, and you’ll see just how big when Marvel vs Capcom Infinite releases September 19th.

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