Marvel Heroes is an MMORPG where you get to play as your favorite Marvel Comic hero and battle classic villains in over-the-top missions that’ll have you feeling like you’re in a comic book. The team behind the game has felt bad that they haven’t communicated as much with its players as they should have, so, to mend some fences and hopefully build up hype for what’s coming this year Creative Director Jesse Decker has laid out some of what you can expect from Marvel Heroes.

A note, he states that though this content is coming, there is a chance for delays, so consider this a tentative schedule for things.

First up, to celebrate the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, players can get new costumes for Star-Lord and Rocket Racoon, as well as team up with Gamora and Drax for special missions. Oh, and there’s a Groot pet too. Yep.

For June, players can expect a fun anniversary event, including a new Danger Room tileset and boss. In July, the game will give you a new Daily Bugle terminal, and another new boss fight for you to do. Also though, the long-awaited arrival of Carnage! Yes, you’ll be able to play as the psycho-symbiote for the first time ever. Then in September…Apocalypse is coming!

To wrap up 2017, November will have some special Thor content to celebrate Thor: Ragnarok’s arrival in theaters. As such, players can expect many things, including a showdown with Hela. But if that’s not enough Thor for you, you’ll be able to play as the Odinson version of the character from Marvel Comics. This version of Thor has a new look, weapon, and moveset for you to use and try out.

Decker also talked about what 2018 would bring for Marvel Heroes, and he outlines that there are some big changes coming. From how events are done, to the characters and more. Be sure to check out what he says so you can get hyped for what’s coming.


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