Gwenpool was “created” as a joke. Seriously. Her first appearance in a comics in any way was on a variant cover of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2, where she was but one of two different characters to be portrayed on the cover. This one was kind of a “what if” situation in regards to fan-favorite character Gwen Stacy. Yet fans loved her, and now, she’s in Marvel Contest of Champions.

What makes this very interesting is that Gwenpool is truly just a normal person, she’s just very well versed in comic book tropes and Marvel stories and lore. She claims to have entered the Marvel Universe from the “real world”, and is using her knowledge to not be an “extra”. That being said, she is a freelancer, and a mercenary, and has killed people, so many her inclusion isn’t so odd after all.

According to Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designer Simon Cameron, her inclusion is meant to be. They even made sure she not only looked perfectly like her comic book counterpart, but also resembled a “normal” human girl, of which she totally is. However, they did make sure she could fight, so she has a pink bazooka, a football bomb and the Special-Edition Collector Plushie, which she uses as a shield when blocking. Because she’s Gwenpool, so why not?

Also, her special ability makes it so she can’t be killed by her opponents Special Attack. She’ll come close, but she won’t die. The reason being she knows her opponents, and can recite their moves by heart, thus, she has knowledge of how to take less damage from them. Gwenpool everybody.

So, if you’re playing Marvel Contest of Champions, you’ll definitely want to try out Gwenpool, she’s available now.


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