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Mario Party Star Rush E3 Reveal

Mario Party Star Rush will be the newest addition to the Mario Party series. It’s set for release on October 7th in Europe, October 8th in Australia and New Zealand, and November 4th in North America. Mario Party Star Rush will only be released for the 2DS and 3DS systems.

Mario Party Star Rush - Simultaneous Turns

If you’re like me, then the worst part of Mario Party games is the length. Thankfully. Nintendo promised that Mario Party Star Rush will be fast-paced. To fulfill this guarantee, players will be able to act simultaneously. That’s right! No more waiting around for others to slowly take their turns.

As always with Mario Party games, different game modes will be available; however, the only confirmed game mode currently is Toad Scramble. In Toad Scramble, each player will play as a uniquely colored Toad.

Mario Party Star Rush - Recruit

As players move around a non-linear board, they might encounter inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. These characters can be recruited to gain advantages in events and mini-games.

Watch the official game trailer revealed at the Nintendo E3 2016 event for visuals of the game itself:

Mario Party Star Rush can be pre-ordered today for $39.99 from either Amazon or Gamestop. Check out Mario Party Star Rush’s official page on for more information.

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