Mario Kart 8 eSport Competition

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by Yasin Price

Mario Kart 8 has recently been featured in a professional esports competition for money, which shows that people are starting to recognize the game as a viable competitive game, and this could set the pace for Mario Kart 8 to start appearing at other, larger esports events. Though the event wasn’t entirely for a Mario Kart competition, it had indie game demonstrations, gaming booths, cosplayers, and much more. This doesn’t mean that Mario Kart won’t get its own event someday.

Mario-Kart-8-2The rules were very simple but pretty strict. All of the races (aside from the semi’s and finals which were held at 200cc) were held at 150 cc. All of the items were on by default, DLC tracks and characters weren’t available, and firehopping, which is actually a very controversial technique and considered unfair by many, wasn’t banned.

The event costed $25 to enter and 10$ to watch, with an apparent promise of over 8000 dollars in prizes. This seems pretty interesting and appears to have taken a different twist on what a lot of professionals would consider fair or not.

If Mario Kart 8 does ever make it’s way to popular esports, I could see a lot of controversy coming up over what items could be considered legal or unfair.

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