MapleStory Update V.117: Join Kinesis and levitate to Korean lands!

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MapleStory EU is rolling out the V.117 update and they are dropping it beefy. Gameplay additions, a new area, balancing changes, class changes, lots of content and a shiny new playable character are on offer to keep the masses happy.




Silently hovering in the corner as now one of the best starting characters to cosplay for beginners and sporting everyone’s favorite super power, Kinesis is one of the new generation of MapleStory Heroes.

After discovering his telekinesis as a student, Kinesis’ town was destroyed and he begins to train in the world of Maple Story after being saved by Nero the Magician. He is now on a mission to one day return to his world and fight to restore it.




Korean Folk Town will also be open to those level 125 and above, tasking players with saving the land’s folk stories for experience, Mesos and the chance to be a hero. Sounds like a classic epic to me. Who doesn’t love a good story?




Aside from the two major gameplay additions above, there will be other changes to the game during the V.117 update. Classes will be revamped, dungeons and rooms will be reworked and gameplay-related systems will be updated.

Bosses will also feature changes in terms of both art and gameplay and there will be new quests for players to take on for sizeable rewards.

Read the entire V.117 post on their official website right here for a lot more details and information. There’s a lot.


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