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Are Too Many MMORPGs Using the Fantasy Genre?

Parity is a key part of any media. What works for one will likely work for another, and thus they’ll try and take it and then make it their own. To that end, many video games over the years can be chalked up to parity or following trends. This too goes for MMORPGs, as many of them followed the early successes of titles like Ultima to try and craft their own worlds and have success. But, did it come at the cost of too much saturation?

Not of MMORPGs, but of the setting most of them take, in this case, fantasy. World of Warcraft, Shroud of the Avatar, even ones based on books like Lord of the Rings Online all use fantasy settings, and they’re hardly the only ones. Is there too much of them in this genre?

Obviously, there are caveats. Mainly, there are different levels of fantasy. There’s realistic, medieval, magical, etc. But still, they all define as fantasy in one way or another.

Final Fantasy XIV MMORPGs

It’s not hard to see why to be fair, fantasy gives people a lot of leeways. In fact, the whole meaning of fantasy is to be something “not in our world”, so virtually anything could fit into that purview. It could mean a natural disaster has severely altered the world, or that a race of unknown creatures are threatening humanity, or magic has suddenly come into the world, there’s a lot of ways it could turn.

What might be the problem though is that so many MMORPGs use similar tropes. Beautiful worlds (though to be fair all should have that), magic, monsters, certain classes, it’s all the same at times, and that can be frustrating.

Now yes, there are games in the genre that aren’t fantasy, there are sci-fi ones, there are war ones, but it feels like the overwhelming majority are fantasy. Hopefully, future developers will work to not only change this but to make them special, so that they cannot be compared to others.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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