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Magic/Science Adventure RPG Artificer Now On Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered whether magic could be real? Like really real? Like Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings kind of real? Now, our laws would tell us “no it’s not” because science can explain pretty much everything, right? Well, what happens when you’re not on Earth, do the same laws apply? That’s the crux of a new survival RPG game called Artificer, as you will find yourself on a planet where magic does exist, but the way to learn it is through your scientific mind.

The setting of Artificer is that you are the science officer on a ship that is forced to flee to a planet known as Temsir. What makes this planet so unique is that it was a planet once occupied by a very scientifically savvy civilization. And their greatest invention was a legion of nanorobots that could fulfill the wishes of the beings on the planet. And, when said civilization disappeared? The nanorobots continued their jobs, and thus the creatures of the planet became something…unique, and magic itself was born on the planet.

Now stuck on this planet yourself, you must explore it, research the magics of the world, learn your arcane arts, and find the lost members of your crew. But be wary, there are monsters here that will challenge you at basically every turn, so what you learn is just as important as getting magic.

The way you get magical spells will be through using your science to examine the world and get research points that’ll help lead you to more and more spells. What’s more, you can actually experiment with what you’ve learned to try and create more powerful spells. So part of the fun is seeing what spells you can create!

Artificer will be on Kickstarter until October 5th, and is already halfway to its goal. If you want to become a scientist of magic, go and pledge to it.

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