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Lord Of The Rings Online Adds Mordor Via Expansion

Lord of the Rings Online has had a troubled history. It went strong for a few years, then slowly fell into disarray. Then Standing Stone Games bought it up, and has been working hard to bring it back to its former glory. Well now, for for the first time in four years, the MMORPG has gotten an expansion, and with it comes one of the most legendary locations in all of Middle-Earth: Mordor.

Mordor is of course the home of Sauron, the lord who forged the Ring of Power, and is the central antagonist for both The Hobbit (as he manipulated the War of the Five Armies) and The Lord Of The Rings. So for players to get to go to this region is very important. But where exactly will they go within Mordor? Well, they’ll be able to go to Udun, Cirith Ungol, Barad-Dur, Seregost, and of course, Mount Doom itself. This storied place was where the great Ring of Power was forged, as well as destroyed.

Now technically, these areas are only available via a beta, but they will be accessible to the rest of the Lord of the Rings Online players soon. The team is working very hard on these areas so that you can have even more adventures in the land of Middle-Earth. Some early Patch Notes for this expansion have been detailed as well so you can know what else will be coming. There were more videos shown off as well on MassivelyOP.

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