A Lone Indie Developer Made A Boxed PC Game

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by Dante

Most indie developers can’t even gather the funds to finish their game, but the sole developer of Daath Origins made 100 boxed copies of his retro style space RPG.

“Instead of waiting for the funds to make a physical edition of my game, I just went out, worked hard and earned the money to self-fund the boxed version of the game on my own.”

Those are the exact words of Daath Origins’ developer who even posted a YouTube video detailing his work on the Collector’s Edition. You can watch the video down below.


But, what exactly is Daath Origins? Well, it’s a space RPG where you assume command of an interstellar spaceship that comes along with a crew, and then you sail the galactic sea. Star systems, planets, wormholes, strange dimensions and alternate timelines are all things that you will encounter on your journey, so you best be prepared for them! You will be doing all of this while managing almost one million human lives, so the pressure is huge. The developer described this game as a mix of elements that were inspired by “Star Control 2” combined with gameplay mechanics that are akin to old SNES Final Fantasy games.

Image: indiedb

Image: indiedb

This guy even wrote and recorded 31 songs for the game’s soundtrack that are included on a 2 CD set inside the Daath Origins Collector’s Edition. And even if that’s not enough, the physical release will also include a plastic figurine of the main starship from the game, as well as the game on DVD, a case for the game, a case for the 2 discs original soundtrack, a map, and a manual.


Props to this man, as he put in a lot of work and effort into making all of this, so be sure to support him if you can!

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