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There’s a lot of ways to show progress in video games. Sometimes, all you need to show is pictures of artwork to show how it’s coming along. Other times you do blog posts that detailed all the finer thing that have been added. But if you’re really wanting players to know what is going on with the game they love, you show it to them via a video, and that’s exactly what Crowfall did in their latest “Patch Notes” session.

There was a big focus on the art for this video breakdown, even bringing in Environment Artist Jon O’Neal to talk about what he himself has been working on to ensure that Crowfall’s world was very beautiful, as well as very simple for players to navigate in. For example, the map itself has been compressed due to feedback from players, for which the team is very grateful.

But as for the world itself, there were a series of additions/changes that were implemented to ensure that the world looked even better. For example, the Art Team recently added new trees and vegetation, as well as some interesting rock formations. While this may seem like very small additions, it’s the smaller details that help bring an MMORPG world like Crowfall to life, as you’ll be noticing the trees and rock formations as you traverse the world.

The art wasn’t the only addition to the latest Pre-Alpha, there was also some mechanics changes as well. For example, if an enemy force stays too long in their enemies territory? They’ll take damage. New “How-To” videos are being made by the Crowfall team, as the originals were far past their “expiration date”

The UI has been improved to be less cluttered, skills have been modified, avatars adjusted, a lot has gone on, so watch the video above and see exactly what Crowfall has coming up for you.

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