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Linkrealms – Sandbox MMORPG Offers Discount


Coming from Mythyn Interactive, we are presented with the Linkrealms, the game with the old-school principle of role-playing games. This game is recognized as a sandbox MMORPG, and it was under way for quite some time. Now it’s available for anyone who wants to get an early access to it and be part of something great. Even though this game will bring nostalgia to many players it still gives each and everyone something new and exciting. As developers stated, they wanted to create a game that will make the community the center of the users’ experience, and reputation will be earned on the battlefield instead of on the leaderboards.

Some key features that we’ll mention are the core elements that make this MMORPG different from the others. The first we will mention is the economy, which will play an important role for anyone who wants to earn a few extra coins. To be able to sell equipment, first you’ll have to mine necessary resources, which means mining, hunting and farming will be really important in this game. The next on the list are classes, you character won’t be bound by its race to some specific classes. You are given the option to choose whatever you like and roll with it till the end. If you ever dreamed of building a great castle in any MMO, here you can do that! You’ll be able to own a piece of land on which you are free to build whatever you like. Whether that’s a huge castle with many traps and hidden corridors or a small farm for you to cultivate your skills as a farmer, it’s up to you.


Furthermore, Linkrealms offers a ton of events and dungeons that are open to anyone; you can even play as a solo player and go around stealing drops of other raiding parties, but beware, usually those who do that end up missing parts of their bodies.

All in all, it is a great MMORPG and we warmly recommend it to anyone. Currently, Linkrealms offers a discount for its Early Access, so feel free to grab it here.


Written by Kova

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